Friday, August 16, 2013

who wears jeans

We admit it we did the Royal Baby Watch.  We did not add up the time we spent staring at the grill work outside the hospital but it was a bit lengthy.  We loved seeing the radiant parents and are wishing HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge and his parents years of happiness.  It was also fun checking out the Royals' style.

While watching and waiting there was time to explore the Royal Family photos and we found this one.

Queen Elizabeth II enjoying the sunshine in the1970s; right, on a royal tour of Canada, July 1970
"Queen Elizabeth II enjoying the sunshine in the1970s; right, on a royal tour of Canada, July 1970
The young girl is smiling, relaxed, on holiday and, because it's the 1970s, she is wearing flares.
Out of the millions of images that have been taken of the Queen in more than eight decades, this must surely be one of the happiest and most natural. True, there are no hippie beads, platform wedgies or a flower-power kaftan. As always, the Queen does it, as she always has, her way; accessorising her, then, up-to-the-minute flares with classic white plimsolls, an Oriental-printed jacket and a sunhat, tied with what looks like one of her signature Herm├Ęs silk squares." them or hate them, they are here to stay.  High- rise, Mid -rise, Low-rise.  Perhaps you remember Cher on the Sonny and Cher program (yes this is an age marker) those hip hugging jeans were wildly wonderful.  Brook Shields certainly created conversation with her jean ads.  And Gloria Vanderbilt made a fortune with her brand.  It is impossible to list the gorgeous jean wearers, but you know who you are.

Our advice for trying/buying jeans:

Sit down in them several times in the dressing room to see if they stretch or ride down.
Check in a mirror to see how the pockets affect the look ie. too low, too flat, too sequinny.
Ask for an honest opinion.
Dark wash still seems to be the favorite.

Don't take it so very seriously.  Sometimes a little laughter helps. 

What jeans are right for you?   You will never know until you try them on!

Dana Buchman High-rise
Hermes scarf and handbag

Indian Rock Couture Low-rise

J Brand Mid-rise
Hermes scarf and handbag

For those of you who are never ever EVER going to wear jeans, here is a different denim look.

We also would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to go online and research the various sites regarding damaged denim recycling.  Did you know that denim is being used for some home insulation?
We are hoping that the Levi Straus  and others' research initiatives will be tremendously successful.

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