Friday, May 22, 2015

new ways to heat up your life

"Um. Deodorant. It’s the easiest and cheapest thing in the world. And thanks to a whole bevvy of natural ones, you have no excuse. There. I’m going to put away my winter coats now and celebrate with an ice cream cone and a new pair of sandals."   from GARANCE DORE blog

Lets talk about it.  In the retail clothing business we are especially interested in deodorants that do not leave white marks on our clothing.  And of course we want to feel fresh and fragrant.  Removing white stains on dark summer frocks is BORING so WHY NOT consider a change?

A bit of online research revealed some surprises.   Total Beauty website  lists their Worst and the Best.
My take from this Mitchem Invisible Roll On - dries quickly and says it does not get on shirts, and also Dove Advanced Cave Cool Essentials which THEY SAY smells heavenly keeps you dry and does not rub off on clothing appear to be high ranking.
Ultra Clear ad:
Our Little Black Dress Approved Formula works in sync with your body to deliver long-lasting wetness and odor protection. Goes on smooth and silky, and is unbeatable on white marks 

Things we Now Know:
there are many more choices than we imagined involving aluminum or no aluminum, antiperspirant
blocks, organic roll-ons and single wipes. we agree that one of the truths about wearing black or trying on black in the summer is to be certain that you have allowed your anti-perspirant to completely dry.  and keep your cool in the traffic on these hot humid wonderful summer days.

 please let us know if you have the perfect summer antiperspirant

now for some ideas to make you Um. sweat

20 Things to Do Outdoors (in Tennessee) Before You Die ( from the Scene )

1 Skydive
2 Take a kid camping
3 Spelunk
4 Hang glide
5 Cook a gourmet meal (by campfire)
6 Run the Ocoee
7 Become an amateur astronomer-Dyer Observatory
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