Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 winter white

winter white

Dr Zhivago

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Patagonia winter white jacket
J Crew winter white cords
J Crew cream flats with rhinestone snowflakes
Ralph Lauren ads in background 

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Mink jacket with fox tux collar

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J Crew Hat
Karlie winter white jacket
Linea Pelle bag

our inspiration for winter white blog
we of course think our model and assistant is much prettier


"Gouqi is known as the "king of berries" and has been used for thousands of years as an overall tonic to boost energy, immunity and fertility - and treat just about everything.
Ancient Chinese cherished three tonics for health - ginseng, lingzhi (lucid ganoderma, a fungus) and gouqi (Chinese wolfberry). The tiny red berries are justly famous - and more affordable."

Amy Adams in the movie American Hustle

winter white vegetable soup

"This recipe is adapted from a recipe from Mustards Grill, a wonderful roadside restaurant in Napa, serving delicious stick-to-your ribs dishes & fantastic wines.  We kind of love the place.  This soup is a little sweet on it’s own, but a spoonful of herbaceous, garlicky pesto swirled in balances everything out, making this a hearty lunch, perfect for a cold winter day.
the recipe may be found"