Friday, November 21, 2014

bare legs in winter

i was intrigued to run across a blog regarding
bare legs and open toes 
in the WINTER

 it is cold ( crazy cold for Nashville )
 will we still show a bare ankle?

from Garance Dore'

"Is it too late to still wear open toe shoes? Is there actually a cut off temperature or perhaps there’s an I don’t have a driver date that’s more realistic.

Its something I think about in New York when I’m shivering and holding all my belongings so close to me in the hopes they might help keep me warm, and I see a girl in sandals and skirt. Is her body temperature that much different? She’s confidently wearing sandals and I have on socks and fur lined boots. Or maybe she just has a driver…" via

"To bare or not to bare -- that is the question!" Of course, we are talking legs! In colder weather, it is a breeze to skirt the bare leg question with a tremendous assortment of patterns and styles to choose from in stockings and opaques.

Wolford the Austrian brand
"Dark tights and stockings that proceed smoothly to a lighter shade will look unusual. Matte tights will create an effect of “porcelain” legs. Not all the brands have similar products, but Austrian brand called Wolford offers a large selection of colors."

whatever the weather
the leggy look would be excellent 
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