Friday, June 12, 2015

after 5:00

casual for cocktails

hello to all the smiling employees at Nordy's 
you inspired me TO LIGHTEN UP FOR SUMMER
think evening weddings, cruises, or throw a swanky party

via DF
why not add a t- shirt ( J Crew with silver filigree neckline )!!!!
Laurence Kazar sequined gown
and the unexpected Enzo silver flip flop
 plus some pretty Guerlain lip color from Nordstrom

Garance Dore and Clare Vivier on the way to CFDA

Dore "Of course, for two seconds, I told myself it might be a total catastrophe – like, I’d be arrested by the fashion police immediately right in front of the red carpet, but I also told myself it wasn’t a big deal, really – not a big deal at all. I’ve always thought fashion should be a place where you can experiment and express yourself, and I’ve never really had a huge ego about it. I try one thing, I grow and change, I try something else, I make mistakes, I share what I’ve learned with you, and honestly, there’s no need to get all dramatic about it.
So off I went…with my gold sequin pants :)" "Clare and I made it onto the “best dressed dates” list. Ahah." via

via DF
why not wear that sparkly Betsy Johnson????
add a J Crew white shirt to dress it down
a drape necklace that could even be worn with a jean
and silver summer flip flops

via DF
coral and silver lace Ali Ro cocktail dress ( $ 54 )
Metallic button down J Crew ( $ 24 )
add a flip flop 
Gucci glasses ( $ 75 )

talk your friends into lightening up the look ... have fun with your  cocktail dress...maybe summer is not the time to follow the rules

could not resist this unusual twist on the basic oxford shirt
wonder if it stays off the shoulder when worn for awhile?
this is Stella Jean a designer in Rome

Amanda Brooks new book