Friday, June 13, 2014


closets we love

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We'd love to sell what lies within your closet...
in our Green Hills boutique or our new online site.

we would like your Hunters, your Vuittons, your Laurens

When you are deciding to consign your boots and shoes check the insoles, these should be clean and fresh.  We have found that wiping shoes out with wet ones and after drying inserting a dryer sheet for freshness improves the appearance.  Also check soles, taps and leather condition.  Pricing is influenced by condition.

OH Louis Louis.  We love to sell  your Papillons, Speedys, Backpacks, Beaubourg Messengers
Also your Chanels, Burberrys, Brahmins, Tory Burchs, Longchamps.

Handbags are great sellers at DF and we are looking for yours if it has been gently carried.  Check online for cleaning instructions for your particular brand.   And be sure to check the inside for personal items.  Family jewels and treasures could be in a side pocket.


a bold statement necklace is always a great item in our shop


ah les chapeaux .  they sell very well

Dust your hat off with a cloth or use a lint roller.  Please check for any headband spots.

the large cashmere Hermes scarves we received  sold immediately last year.
 Luxury scarves will always sell better with a box.  Please be sure to inspect closely for pulls or tiny holes made by those horrid moths.

Perhaps you would like to bring in a leather Zara. 
The Repetto flats ( often found on Net a Porter ) would be great too.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

time to say good bye or good buy

we would love to see what is in your closet

separating the " summer and the winter " makes you ponder

why did i buy it
will i ever wear it
what will i do with it


our next blogs will be about closets and the items you have that we would love to help you sell.