Friday, February 27, 2015

the great wrap

if we COULD we WOULD
live in a wrap dress

( thank you DVF )


40th year Anniversary 

" the's the dress you get the guy in and his mother doesn't mind, in which means ( sic) it is both proper and seductive at the same time" DVF says someone said this to her and she totally agreed. interview The View

"Your home defines who you are, and who you want to be" - DVF
i think style is the way or the art of how we live, not limited by money, what we wear or where we live .  it is about caring how we do these things.  it is the time taken and the passion presented in the big and small things of our lives.  cultivating fulfillment.  i prefer inspiration from designers and blogs : rules are so ho hum.  ( a la DVF )
this is why we enjoy our work at Designer Finds surrounded by stylish clothes and stylish friends ( j)

our great DVF wraps

via DF
tomato red DVF side tie cotton
( $ 82 )

via DF
( $82)

via DF
( $ 82 )

via DF
( $82 )

of course age is not issue
size 6 girl's wrap with shorts