Friday, April 24, 2015

walking in wet grass

spring must surely be here

 may 9th

via DF
pretty things to plant in the grass

Hollywould rainbow stripe wedge $ 62
Alice & Olivia blk/wht stripe wedge $ 72 ( 20% redux )
Kate Spade blk/wht straw pompom wedge $ 68
Tory Burch brown patent orange sig. wedge $72
Prada patent blk wedge $ 182

via DF
foreground 10022-shoe $ 82
top left gold Manolo wedge $ 82
top right Fendi nude wedge $ 150 ( 50% redux )


don't forget a hat for sun flirtation

black straw fedora $ 30
natural straw with black ribbon $ 12
Grace Manchester white straw $ 26
Roper Collection cowboy straw $ 16

Madagaskar black rafia $ 30
August Accessories black straw $30
Natural straw hat $ 18
Erik Javitts natural straw with flowers $ 30

"Johnson is a hands-on, on-her-knees gardener, and she shares with the reader a wealth of practical knowledge and fascinating garden lore. But she is also a lover of the untamed and weedy, and she evokes through her exquisite prose an abiding appreciation for the earth—both cultivated and forever wild—in a book sure to earn a place in the great tradition of American nature writing."