Friday, September 25, 2015

remembering L' Wren Scott

 April 28, 1964 -  March 17, 2014,

L' Wren's Lula handbag

from her Barney's interview in 2011...
"A warm and talkative L'Wren Scott was very excited to show off her new Lula line of super-luxe, elegantly structured and thoughtfully practical bags (priced between $1890 for a clutch and $20,500 for an exotic skin handbag) handmade from smooth leathers and plush exotic skins. "It's named after my mother," explained L'Wren in regards to the inspiration behind Lula. "She always had a very chic and sleek bag and it always made a sound. Every time she would come home, I would hear the noise of the bag sitting down and the bag closing."

" L'Wren took the time to chat with the bloggers and share her thoughts on design and Lula, deflect inquiries about a hush-hush project that she's working on, joining Twitter (@lwrenscott) and dressing Oprah. (By the way, if you're wondering which Lula bag rings in at $20,500? It's the large plush croc style that L'Wren carried to the breakfast.)"
2011 interview


we are very lucky to have one of her creations

just in ( pricing soon )

SJP carrying a Lula croc

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

just a little bit higher

it is official the higher rise jean is on the street

via DF
Elle blue cotton shirt with rhinestone jeweled collar
Ralph Lauren dark denims
Gucci crossbody

via DF
Tory Burch silk blouse
Ralph Lauren jeans
Tahari pumps

via DF
Carlisle fire engine red jacket
Ann May white blouse
J Crew jeans
Reed Krackoff handbag
Pura Lopez pumps



via DF
Believe peplum check
J Crew jeans
Kate Spade wallet

" just is full of serious issues...why not lighten up on clothing decisions and  have a a bit more fun this fall"