Friday, October 11, 2013

lets go someplace we have never been before I: kentucky, georgia, virginia


 We were just listening to the Beatles song "Day Tripper" and wondered where we might go and what we might wear and of course what savory food we might find along the highway.

Spoil your fellow travelers with treats.  Fall ideas could include:  Baked Apple Dumplings with bourbon caramel sauce, tried the recipe out of the Garden and Gun Magazine Oct 2012.   It was wonderful hot or cold.   Or Pumpkin Bread Pudding also in that issue.  I was traveling and found this at a friends home but I know if you REALLY like the idea you will find these somewhere.  A car ride can be delightful....if it rains you will have to be creative.

Nashville to Shelbyville Ky  202 miles
Wakefield Scearce Galleries "Importers of Fine English Furniture, Silver, Paintings and Decorative Accessories since 1947. Twenty-five (25) plus room setting displays and warehouse. Setting is in Historic Science Hill Girl's School built in late 18th and early 19th Century. Over 30,000 square feet featuring English Antiques in all categories. Other shops include Men's and Ladies's Clothing, Crystal, China, New Silver, and Award-Winning Dining at Science Hill Restaurant."

There is a WONDERFUL restaurant inside the gallery. Look up Hot Brown Sandwiches, Shrimp & Grits.
You will be near Bardstown and also might want to visit Shakertown.  

Cumin colored driving cap.  Makes all of us want to put the top back and close
the store for a quick get away.

One of us really wanted to go to the Atlanta Art Museum. Another is talking about taking her daughter to the American Girl Doll store.
A wonderful place to stop along the way is Monteagle and have a picnic near Sewanee. Or go into Sewanee and eat at one of the delicious cafes and see some local art galleries.

Nashville to Atlanta 246 miles 

This poncho looks like a work of art. 

Center for the Arts Virginia Tech
Nashville to Blacksburg VA  416 miles

This would be absolutely grand to see in the fall.


The Picasso of sweaters, with a chic driving shoe.

I found this link when looking for day trip ideas. Essentials for those of you looking for a romantic get away, a day away from the routine or a family outing. The link is below.
"In previous articles, I've provided some tips and suggestions for creating an everyday "Road-Trip Go-Kit" and a "Pets Go-Kit." In honor of the al fresco season, here is my "Picnic Go-Kit."
"First, purchase a large plastic container with a seal-able lid to hold your picnic equipment and keep it clean. Store it where you can grab it at a moment's notice, or keep it in your car's trunk if you have room. Pack it with the following essentials and you'll be ready to sneak away for an impromptu picnic."