Thursday, July 10, 2014


the eclectic closet

via Pinterest

We love Chanel handbags... looking to consign yours? You've come to the right consignment boutique.

Bring your sunnies.
Please check for scratches and uneven frames.

Bring fringe or beautiful shirts.
Sara Batagglia handbag is a great funky item

Soul mates. We love Christian Louboutin too.

Isabella cashmere wrap seen on Habitually Chic blog
Cashmere wanted by all....keep it in mint condition.
Please check for pilling or tiny holes

Maybe a little bit of CĂ©line.
one more
the Attic Closet : Eclectic

 Come consign with us... we'd love to see what fashionable treasures you have tucked away in your closet!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

how to make money from your closet

we are scheduling our spring appointments

if YOU want to make money consigning
with Designer Finds,
first decide
if you are really ready to part with 
your items!


-Decide how much time you want to invest in preparing your items.

-Choose items YOU would want to buy again.

-Check each item in bright light for spots, damaged linings, worn hem lines,  and zippers. We check for these things when you bring them into the shop.

-Each item must be in excellent condition. This is how you will make money. 

-Please dry clean your items if indicated  "dry clean only" (this can be expensive, so decide if you are willing to spend the money).

-Appropriately launder your clothes that do not need to be dry cleaned. Clothes get dusty or musty in closets. If your items are soiled and have spots, we will not be able to consign them. Again this is labor intensive plan, but will be beneficial for consigning.

-Make sure your items are ironed.  This will absolutely make a difference in our pricing.  All items should be on hangers, especially after all that ironing.

-A recent purchase. We prefer items that are within a two year window that will still be current with mall articles. Exceptions might be Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin handbags and shoes.

-If this looks overwhelming and you just want to clean and toss from your closet, please call us and we will recommend some possible donation sites for your apparel.


-Visit Designer Finds and see if our inventory is a good match for yours.

- Meet our staff and see if we are a good match for you.

-We sell seasonally. Our spring appointments begin in January. Our fall appointments begin in late July. Call early because we book up quickly.
-We want your best. That is how we make money and how you will make the most for your clothing.

-We offer a 50/50 split.  You may come into the store for payments at your convenience or receive one ( hopefully BIG ) check in the mail at the end of your contract period.

Monday, July 7, 2014

the little orange dress

after posting the orange dresses last week i started seeing orange everywhere.

on Sunday i saw an attractive woman " of a certain age" walking up the steps to the downtown Cathedral.  she was wearing an orange wrap dress, perhaps DVF, with an enormous white handbag. eye catching in front of the old gray stone facade.

later i saw a charming " not of a certain age " young woman crossing the parking lot at Target.  tan, dark glasses, gold sandals and the perfectly fitted sundress with slight flare, very J Crew.

Nordstrom's has lovely orange lip colors.

here is a bit more orange from Designer Finds

Sevier skirt
Chicos sandals

Moulinette Soeurs Skirt

Donald Pliner Sandals