Friday, January 17, 2014

slumber party

slumber party and chocolate chip pancakes

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" Bond with your kids — or grandkids — on a real night at the museum. You can go undercover on spy missions, learn the secrets of caves, discover the science of igloos, meet live baby bears and beluga whales and take flashlight tours through exhibits filled with fierce dinosaurs, huge walruses, mysterious mummies and much more.
Many sleepovers include big-screen movies or planetarium shows plus the chance to sleep near a T-rex, robot, coral reef or a real tiger. Budget-friendly, exciting, and easy to do, these overnights make great parent/child and grandparent/grandkids getaways. Just remember to reserve these popular programs way in advance as they sell out quickly. Here are 10 top museum overnights."
Please check out this website it lists the many museums that participate

Thursday, January 16, 2014

girls + spring = shopping

girls : spring comes in all sizes

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Greggy Girl bloomer size 2/3

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Euro Kids size 5 toile 2pc

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Kate Mack 2pc pink

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Rosie Posie

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Gymboree size 6/7

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Skirts: Flit Flitter
                       Mountain Aven
             Kelly Kids

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Matilda Jane  sz 5

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Kate Mack beach cover up and a  couple of suits


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

shopping with a friend

should you or shouldn't you BUY IT

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Lovely white J Crew city fit shorts ( short! )
Ask your friend if shorts are for you and don't get upset if she says " no"
If they are for you try them with the new spring pump or flats.

maybe these!

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 Celine the palest pink 

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Gap cotton summer dress.  But is it for you?
Not everyone feels comfortable in a blousy look
AND large print.  But it is darling on the right gal.

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This is the cool blousy look in summer Andrew Charles trousers .
We have seen one of the young women wear it here with a pump heel.
and slim tee.   Simply darling. Perhaps this could be your new summer look.

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A sheer front zip Narcisco Rodrigues
Who Where When...YOU

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A really good friend will tell you if you look good in this plunging neckline and open arm Jigsaw silky tee.   Also explore the cool loose drape/shape

Don't shop until you drop!
If you are shopping here in Green Hills
Sit down and catch up 

Sixth & Pine Nordstrom's restaurant
Table 3 bistro
Cheesecake Factory
El Palenque


drop in next door at Posh for pedicure or manicure


plan a matinee at Regal