Monday, December 28, 2015


count your happy minutes

Taylor Swift GIF

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Talbots size 2, ( $ 48 )
Mary Francis handbag ( $ 52 )

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Carmen Marc Valvo pink sapphire color jeweled neck dress size 2 ( $ 115 )
Mary Frances handbag ( $ 82 )

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only Lanvin would try m.c. hammer-esque
evening trousers, love them. you can pull up the legs to wear as skirt!  ( retail $1285.) $ 92
simple white Cabi t-shirt
Pearl loops

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this Rachel Roy velvet dress is such a deep purple it almost looks black.  can also be belted
size 12 ( $72)


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Joie white rabbit vest/jacket small ( $192 )
pale iron blue silk blouse by The Addison Story med. ( $42 )
Tommy Hilfiger medium wash jean size 6 ( $ 24 )

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Jimmy Choos size 7 ( $ 145 )

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Vince soft leather skinny trousers ( $92)
Sheer dove gray smoking jacket Elie Tahari ( $72)
Vince Camuto snake skin pumps

Nashville know how to light it up

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winter white with jeweled neck by Laundry
size 10 ( $ 48)

( does not include designer handbags or jewelry )

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

date 2

how your date ends

UP Rooftop Lounge the Gulch
Watch  the sunset with your new hotty while sipping 

" tonight we tanqueray "
one of their signature gin cocktails

how it all began

getting bronzed and beautiful at Private Edition in GreenHills

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a sparkly Gucci blouse ( $92)
my favorite go-to loose blouse with the perfect V neck
that looks very sexy on. 

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a short flirty skirt and this one is soft leather
Chelsea & Violet ( $ 32 )

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Alexis Bittar necklace

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Bronze Jimmy Choos that make ankles look lovely
( $ 145 )

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Elizabeth and James silk dusty rose blazer makes the skin glow even more
( $ 92 )

grabbed my favorite Brahmin and ran out.  Uber waiting

applied last minute in the car

Monday, December 14, 2015

pearls pearls pearls.

"Before Berj Zavian, jewelry consultant to Doyle New York, explains how to distinguish between a natural pearl and a cultured one; before he tells you how to select one; before he provides pearl preservation advice; he wants you to put your pearl between your teeth. That's right, between your two front teeth. Berj does it all the time."
Natural vs. cultured—can you tell the difference? Learn more with a whole string of tips from the ROADSHOW's guru of pearls.
"Customers say, 'What is he doing putting dirty pearls in his mouth?' " Berj notes. What he's doing is using his teeth to feel whether a pearl's surface is gritty, meaning it's a natural or a cultured pearl that a clam or oyster has worked on; or slippery, meaning it's a chintzy plastic imitation pearl.
Berj has been testing and playing with pearls for nearly half a century. In the 1950s, Berj designed pearled animal brooches with his father, Carney Zavian. Soon after, a Frenchman taught Berj how to "peel" pearls—the act of rubbing a new finish on a mottled or pocked pearl ("I don't teach that to anyone," says Berj says of his proprietary skill). About a quarter-century ago "a little old German woman" taught him how to string single pearls into full-length necklaces, and since that time, pearls have become the bedrock of his business.
"What can you always give a girl?" Berj asks rhetorically. Answer: "Pearls." So when it comes to pearls of wisdom about these orbed organic wonders, we knew Berj was the one to ask. Here's what he told us."

" cultural Clash...Pearls says Emily Holt are far beyond prim."
Featured in Vogue Aug 2013 pg 104-106.  " Fall is about bucking expectations-streetwise fur, refined grunge for a new generation, and an old classic's new twist" 



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Yurman lariat white and gray pearl bracelet

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Lulu Frost drop costume pearls

Friday, December 11, 2015


prepping for the date: hum...what to wear

fyi this is not our model

of course one of my favorites,  Diptyque
a great source is Shoppes of BelleMeade

the Sassafras shop 
has lovely in-home spa treats

Bathos in Franklin
all handmade and natural ingredients

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J S Boutique size 8 ( $ 45 )
sometimes you just want to glam it up

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Lagos sterling pearl studs ( $ 100 )
a great pair of earrings are excellent to get you out of your bad hair moment
do you ever wear clips even though you have pierced ears?
for a special night out why not?

the Cosmetic Market in Hill Center GreenHills
has a great staff to help your best color

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Christian Dior size 7 ( $ 125 )
oh the love a great shoe,  if you want to try !
consider a great buy in our shop

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Yurman gray pearls sterling bracelet ( $ 275 )
the combination of varying pearl colors with the sterling allow this bracelet to go with anything

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a trifle of a bag ( $36)
just big enough for what you absolutely need on a night out

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Valerie Stevens rabbit jacket ( $62 )
Nashville's weather is being a bit unpredictable but this little jacket will work 

sometimes it takes a picture or some great advice from your favorite shop to help you pull a look together.  come see us.
(and we always want to say thank you to our lovely young girls who model for us after a long day at school.  THANKS)

Friday, December 4, 2015


it's beginning to look a lot like 
well you know!!!!!!


calvin klein

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Boys or Girls Janie & Jack size 7 ( $13)

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Kitestrings size 5 ( $ 13 )

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Gap 6/12mo.  ( $8)

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Etro  size 8 ( $ 150 )


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Banana Republic polished cotton shirt small ( $ 18 )
Talbots plaid skirt size 6 ( $ 28 )
Santa red Manolos 39.5 $ 125 )


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Per Se red wool jacket small ( $ 72)
J Crew plaid mini small ( $ 22 )
Navy Hunter boots size 6 ( $ 42 )

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Walter jacket size 6 ( $92)

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Eileen Fisher medium ($ 52 )

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Kate Spade 7.5 ( $62 )


Christmas Ice Cubes…Because Whaaaat?!

Sure this isn’t a drink but we couldn’t help ourselves.  Christmas mints, rosemary sprigs and cranberries (plus more) make insanely awesome ice cubes for your vodka…and is a real conversation starter or ice breaker because, yes, we just went there.


and you were wondering where you were going to wear that glamorous red dress??!!